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Startups, Hotels, Multi-site business, call centres and homes have structured their communication flow as they desired independently in partnership with Nowtech 

System we offer:

Virtual business telephone systems: 

With your accounts department in Durban, marketing in Johannesburg, manufacturing in Port Elizabeth and management in Pretoria:

One phone number will be able to transfer the customer call without any additional cost.

Use your cell phone to call back your client with your business number reflecting on his phone. No return calls with cell number.

Voicemails emailed to you or dial in option

Even if you are ROAMING  the  same South African Nowtech call Rates apply!

Our systems integrate with oldest  telephone systems- NO NEED FOR UPGRADE or we will give you a tailored option with all the bells and whistle's thinkable.


Change your telephone lines to Nowtech and start saving!

Nowtech offers virtual  telephone lines for your business. Trunks for I.T Departments with steady call rates:

Most popular options:

Option1: 2Cents per second

Option2: R1 per minute

Let a representative contact you to assist you with your needs and start to save!

Thanks! Message sent.

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