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Fibre to air  

Uncapped Econ 

x 24 month contract

Most cost effective Internet Solution to the SME and home..

A share concept of fibre to supply you good enough internet for your telephones,ie browsing, updates, cctv cameras to phone and with the cloud things of internet you need data - UNLIMITED! 

  • No Cables or Telkom lines

  • No additional cost

  • Easy to support

  • Easy to give the kids/staff internet access with no worries of data

  • Network abuse policy apply, speeds average on ratio

  • Priority web speeds with Nowtech | Banks | Youtube | NETFLIX | Office 365 (coming soon)


R300 pm


R750 pm


R1300 pm


R2500 pm


R4500 pm


Fibre to air  Prepaid data pay as you go 

Best seller!


  • Full bandwidth speed up to - 10bMB Down and up 7MB 

  • No throttling 

  • Buy data online as you go

Please click one of the options below.


R200 pm


R400 pm


R600 pm


R900 pm


10Mb - 10 000Mb

Dedicated Fibre to air

 Guaranteed Speed




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